Under New Ownership in 2023!

Be Your Own Heroine


Wowza, what a start to the year it has been! I hope you are all finding some self-care, bookish time to escape reality a bit. You have to tell me what you thought of Meet Me in London, too! Are you an audiobook fan? 

Well, we are switching this box up a bit and including two books! Both books contain important messages and themes we wanted to cover as 'Heroines of Our Own Stories'. Even more exciting, Geneva is lucky enough to call Robyn (author of Paper Doll Lina) an incredibly close friend and writing buddy! We were both thrilled to be able to include Robyn's debut novel in this box. I had toyed with the idea of changing up the box to include paperbacks in 2022 and love being able to offer two books in the boxes. Can we ever have too many stories? I think not. After listening to an advance copy of Love and Other Disasters I knew it HAD to be added to this box! I'll be honest, this was the first book I have read with a non-binary lead. IT WAS FANTASTIC! I look forward to hearing what you think of the books we chose, shoot me a message :) my email is at the bottom. 

One last thing. The app mentioned in Paper Doll Lina is a bit different in real life, yup, I said real life. The author's kids made an app, I'm linking it here! It's been an incredible resource, especially in these pandemic times. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these little luxuries that are helping me get through these darker winter months and that you and yours are staying safe.



Galentine's or Valentine's we don't discriminate, so get your grooves on!

Galentine's or Valentine's we don't discriminate, so get your groove on with a playlist specially made for ALL HEROINES! You'll hear these tunes on repeat at Away With Words all winter long 


Rose quartz gua sha stone and nourishing sunflower oil for sensitive skin

Your skin will thank you this winter with hydrating facial oil from Facetory! They are my absolute favorite line of facial cleansers, oils, and sheet masks. When I say they are great for sensitive skin, I mean it! Sunflower Glow even has my favorite oil in its blend. Jojoba oil! Use the accompanying rose quartz gua sha stone to elevate your skincare routine. I'm linking one of my favorite YouTube videos so you can get the best use out of your gua sha stone. Don't forget to pay attention to your décolletage. I love using mine to really open up the chest. 



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PS: You can always send me an email with your fav songs to add to the playlist, too!